Friendship?? Yes please....

Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together..I will always be there for you, through the good times and the bad, the smooth and the rough, or just any other time you need somebody ... Just look for me, and I'll be there for you..:)

much love,
teeqs the pinkiss!!


Lunch for today is kari ayam+sayur kangkong+sambal hehehe but I didn't smpt ambil da kangkong pnya pic bh so da kari ayam sja aaa huhuh..:p Bt still it looks yummy,waaah lapar I dbuatnya eheh..Im having my luch with sii ibu and sii kaka..:D Sii daddy go lunch pat len I mean he hve jmptn 2 just us den bt its fun yoh~hehe..k chow~ muahssssss

29th December 2008
11.54 p.m

the love of my life

Picture Captions

Picture Captions

Picture Captions

Him yes dts him!heheh my heart my soul my everything..:D My one and only bf,he's name is Mogahagamagad Sugaidigi Bigin Agawangang Sigalagan heheheh..bowh! can guess wt his name is??hehe.:p Him! Yep i love him so damn much..Since da first time I noe him,he already make my life complete,he is someone very special to me..He mean alot to me..I don wana lose him,wna be forever with him i mean it..ehe..wah!!:) Seriously ever since he bcme a part of me,i never wnt to leave him,he's the one who really undrstnds me no matter what,da one who cheer me up,who tke cre of me,who loves me for who I am,who always b wif me..Im jz so lucky we run into ech other..:) Bee I WILL ALWAYS BE UR BABY FOR RICH OR POOR FOR BETTER OR WORSE..Damn im so in luve with u,in love with ur everything..Your the sweetst caring undrstnding lovable adorable prince charming I have ever met..I am so happy to be with u!I am so lucky u chuz me!eheh..Other then that,will be secret heheh he's gf noes him better huhu..:p

26th December 2008
2.30 a.m

cute pose!

iye bu'
yo!yo! watsup dude??
pirates of the bedil-ean
pak aji mna ke nie??:p

26th December 2008
1.12 a.m

awwh what a night!xp

chatting with love:D
love made this for me awwh take me to ur heart hehe

YUMMY! the snacksssssssssss

Gosh!what a freaking boring night..Damn!anw rather than duin nuteng so I feel free to watch some dvd's and yeah snacky time heheh..:p no movie without foods right??ahaha..aint cmplete huh?!:D So its muve time I better chow heheh jz wana post smething rather than leaving it blank hee..not cool~ N yeah forget 2 mention its not really boring cz Im with him right now,ur so so special..U owz b der wen I need u eh!!heheh..:D XOXO!!!=D

26th December 2008
12.52 midnight

You are still the one i love!

When I am with you,I never want to leave
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Picture Captions

21th December 2008
2.54 a.m

esh RTB's crew menyusahkan

heheh kiss baby emeerah

cute kn baby anty teeqs smile neh??:p

wah babahku ganteng!:D


can u spot sii siti??eheh

Lunch for da crews

Saturday thingy~
Last saturday da rtb crews plan to cme to our houz..Coz they wanted to have an interview with my parents and sister,da intrview is about dis coming hijrah so den we guys pun get redi lh..But jz den they message us said dat dorng nda jdi...Esh!! pa lh rtb neh,jnji bukan main but nda dtg..So my parents pun mls lh lgi heheh kes sasak dh toh..huuuuu~ the rtb tu not professional eh..
So den we guys pa g,we ol mkn lh da foods heheh and took some photos..:D *kacheng kacheng*
23rd December 2008
10.23 p.m

My twilight character ahah..

Twilight Quiz
Hey eatrhlingsssss!!!:D Hee here's my twilight character "I AM BELLA SWAN" feeeewh esh I wana be edward bh eheh ndamo2 jua tue..:p Anw I've found this twilight quizy so I entered the site,so den im interested to know which character is mine..Finally I knew it!!:)
So here's the result:
MY RESULT: You are Bella Swan,the apple of Edward's eye.You are very private,clumsy,sweet and funny.You have a wonderful ability to accept people or mythical creatures for what they are.You have amazing capacity to love eventhough you can be too hard on you self.....:)
Wow!!the result was not bad eheh some are true and some are entah ah let love tell me sja weather its true or not heheh kn cyg???..:D
16th December 2008
5.00 p.m